Apologies for the inactivity

It’s been a while since I made articles on this blog. I’m still alive, but here’s why I haven’t been on the blog.

I lost interest making these blog posts, I don’t know why but I just lost all interest in the blog, I also made a very shitty short blog post that I was alive. Sine then, I haven’t been on this blog for a while. I’ll try and get back to make more blog articles about games whenever I have interest again. Just wanted to update you guys, that I’m still alive, but I lost interest.


Happy New Years

Happy New Years, everyone, hope all of you are getting drunk and partying around like me, 2016 has officially ended (in Michigan time), and 2017 has arrived.

2016 had ups and downs, pretty sure the obvious downs was the election when Donald Trump won the election. I’m also pretty sure 2016 wasn’t the best year for YouTube, holy crap, false copyright stuff, YouTuber’s revenue getting disabled, and the recent glitch where you upload a video, your subs go down or your vids aren’t getting in your subscriber’s subscriptions and all that nonsense.

Anyways, Happy New Years, can’t wait what’s gonna happen in 2017

Firebird’s Thoughts on Nintendo Switch

Article by Eternal Firebird

So after a few weeks, I’m gonna talk about Nintendo’s new console, The Switch.

The Switch is a very interesting idea, you can literally bring it everywhere, why? The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console. Half console and Half tablet.

In the trailer it shows an adult playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. When his dog tells him to go outside, the dude literally slides off the controllers called Joy-Cons and slide it to the tablet that is on the docking station. In the other scenes you can see him playing the Switch on the go.

There’s also another scene where the Switch has a holder and you can actually play the game with the Joy-Cons separated. If you watched the scene you can see the guy is playing Skyrim. They also revealed a new pro controller which is like a Xbox controller.greeyey.png

There’s a scene where two guys are playing a new Mario Kart game while on the road, where the second Joy-Con can be used as a second player. Then there’s a scene where four guys stop playing basketball and decide to play NBA 2K17. The next scene is a woman playing a new Super Mario game, and then goes to a party and gives her a second Joy-Con. Then there’s a scene where a group of people are discussing stuff with the Switch which reveals a new Splatoon game (though I’m pretty sure its just a port), then there’s an MLG-esc event and that’s it and shows the Nintendo Switch logo.

My Thoughts

Now here are my thoughts, the Switch is a actually great idea, bringing it on the go is a very great idea, even though the Wii U had a tablet, it wasn’t portable. Its gonna be released on March of next year (2017), though not on Day 1. But here’s the questions that are still unanswered, what’s the specs, we know there’s a Tegra but what about the other stuff, what’s the price, and what’s the battery life.

The problem that may lead to the Switch

Of course here is the problem that may lead to the Switch. Even though Skyrim and NBA 2K17 were on the trailer, Bethesda and Take Two (the guys who make the 2K games) revealed they don’t have no plans. So basically Nintendo was misleading us (or false advertising). But here’s my question, is the third party support gonna last? That’s what I want to know, if you know the Wii U, it barely had third party support, as some games like Battlefield 3 and Metro Last Light were gonna be on the Wii U, but were canceled as the Wii U didn’t have the horsepower like the PS4 and Xbox One. The Wii U is the Dreamcast of this video game generation, which even though they had good games, didn’t catch on, and believe it or not, were released early than its competitors. Anyways, is this third party support gonna last? Maybe, hopefully. But if they lose third party support again, Nintendo’s gonna have to follow the road Sega went, becoming a third party developer and making their games on their console.

Those are my thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, its an interesting idea with the hybrid tablet and console, but the questions we are asking remains unanswered.


So… Jacob Sartorius

If you know Jacob Sartorius, either from LeafyisHere or Pyrocynical, you know who he is. Jacob Sartorius is a 13 year old (turning 14 soon) singer who originated from Musical.ly then became a singer, where he made two music videos, which a lot people despise because it’s so cringeworthy. Now for all you people who don’t know what in the hell is Musical.ly, it’s kind a like Instagram and Snapchat, here’s how it works. You use your phone, use any of your music, record yourself lip-syncing and post it in Musical.ly so everyone could see it. That’s how Musical.ly works. Well Jacob Sartorius got famous from Musical.ly, this caught the attention of LeafyisHere, which he literally found cringey. Jacob eventually became a pop singer because of Musical.ly, and of course this caught Leafy’s attention along with another YouTuber named Pyrocynical, who does similar content to Leafy. His first song “Sweatshirt” was Jacob’s rise as a pop singer, this song got the attention of Leafy and Pyrocynical, the song was very cringey to people and of course, it became the most disliked video on YouTube, then a few months later “Hit or Miss” was released, and again many people despise it, more cringe, but kind a better then Sweatshirt.

My Opinion

In my opinion, Jacob Sartorius is, meh. I find Jacob Sartorius “not bad”, not great but not bad. I’ve watched Sweatshirt and Hit or Miss and the Musical.ly compilations. Sweatshirt, was meh, but I think I found it better THEN Justin Bieber’s Baby or Rebecca Black’s Friday. But then again this is a Justin Bieber-esc song. Hit or Miss, while kind off better then Sweatshirt, its still meh. An improvement, yes, but still meh, also I should mention in music video the dance moves are, well, cringey and laughable. As for the Musical.ly compilations, well in all honesty, I didn’t find them cringey. I watch the compilations of his Musical.ly video and I just showed a straight face while watching them, I didn’t find his Musical.ly videos cringey.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I find Jacob Sartorius, not bad but meh. Some people think that Jacob should’ve stayed as a Musical.ly guy then a pop singer who’s the next Justin Bieber. Jacob, still needs improvement, take Justin Bieber, look at the music, he’s improved. Now look at Jacob, who’s not bad in my opinion but still cringey, needs improvement. I’m pretty sure Jacob is gonna improve in the future, but he’s still gonna be cringey to us in our eyes and ears.

Infinite Warfare: Too Futuristic?

We all know what people do to buy Call of Duty, a new Call of Duty gets released every year, people buy it day one and talk shit ’bout it saying its the same game every year, even though every COD game is kind a different. But this time, the recent game Infinite Warfare, is getting a lot of hate. In fact, the trailer has almost about 3,000,000 dislikes. But why the hate?

Why the hate?

Now why is Infinite Warfare is getting hate? Well its pretty obvious, its futuristic again, now in space. People are getting tired with the futuristic turn, but they were kind of excited with the turn two years ago, but I’ll talk about that later. People want a Call of Duty that’s In a modernistic war, like all the past Call of Duty games CoD 4 to Ghost. Another reason why people hate Infinite Warfare is because of Modern Warfare Remastered, but why? It’s because Modern Warfare Remastered is bundled with Infinite Warfare, NOT separated, but you can only get MW Remastered by pre-order.

 What’s with the futuristic stuff?

The futuristic stuff  wouldn’t come until Advanced Warfare in 2014. Sledgehammer Games were the people who developed Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer created something new for the franchise and instead of a modern war story, it takes place in a future. You know what futuristic stuff is, laser guns, robots, flying buildings, stuff that will NEVER happen. That’s what happened with Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer wanted to create something new, so a futuristic setting was chosen. Black Ops III also had a futuristic setting, despite not being fast-paced like Advanced Warfare. But I guess people got tired with the futuristic stuff which may explain why there’s hate.

Is it still gonna sell?

Most certainly yes, Infinite Warfare is still gonna sell like all other COD games, buy the games and complain shit like “It’s the same game every year.” I’m most certainly sure it’s still gonna sell, although I might be wrong. But the pre-orders for IW is the worst for Call of Duty, it has less pre-order numbers then the other COD games.

Comparing to Battlefield

Now let’s compare Infinite Warfare to the newest Battlefield, Battlefield 1. Infinite Warfare, still in the future, but Battlefield 1, it’s in World War I. EA has tried something different with Battlefield with Hardline in 2015, but it was, eh. But I guess EA found out the new stuff backfired so they went back to war stuff, and World War I came in their minds and Battlefield 1 became to be. It looks like Battlefield 1 is getting a lot of love after Infinite Warfare got hate, and its kind a obvious that COD players are switching to Battlefield. Lemme make a theory about this, I think Battlefield 1 is gonna sell better than Infinite Warfare, that’s my theory, yeah Battlefield 1 gets released a few weeks after COD, but I think Battlefield 1 is gonna sell well than Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Would I buy it?

In all honesty, probably, when the price drops. I only buy games when its around $20, and I don’t buy it full price, which is $60. So I would only buy games I’m hyped for when it’s low price. Anyways, I’ll probably gonna buy it, I’m not a COD player but I’ll try it out when I buy it.

Hyped Games Get Delayed: Loses People’s Interest?

Games have been delayed often twice or more, examples?

Mighty No. 9, a spiritual successor to Mega Man, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter but suffered a few delays because the developers wanted the game to have a stable launch which angered fans who were anticipated for the game. Not only that but the trailer for it was hated because of the graphics for some reason and the narrator was crap.

Dark Souls II, got delayed a few times but was finally released in 2014, the year where the eighth generation already came. But Dark Souls II still sold well.

Duke Nukem Forever, well probably, but was announced a few times but never came and was stuck in development hell for years until 2011, which people weren’t happy with Duke’s return because there were problems. Also to point out it didn’t sell well.

These are games that have been hyped up, but when the delay button hits, some people are disappointed, but when a delay button hits again, more people leave the anticipation, then it hits again and again, and almost everyone who were in the hype train leave and the game is almost forgotten.

Okay, I think I sounded too sinister about it, but what I’m saying is that whenever games get hyped up it gets a delay then people leave the hype train, and once it gets delayed twice or the third time, or more, a lot of people leave, which makes the game almost forgotten.