Apologies for the inactivity

It’s been a while since I made articles on this blog. I’m still alive, but here’s why I haven’t been on the blog.

I lost interest making these blog posts, I don’t know why but I just lost all interest in the blog, I also made a very shitty short blog post that I was alive. Sine then, I haven’t been on this blog for a while. I’ll try and get back to make more blog articles about games whenever I have interest again. Just wanted to update you guys, that I’m still alive, but I lost interest.


Happy New Years

Happy New Years, everyone, hope all of you are getting drunk and partying around like me, 2016 has officially ended (in Michigan time), and 2017 has arrived.

2016 had ups and downs, pretty sure the obvious downs was the election when Donald Trump won the election. I’m also pretty sure 2016 wasn’t the best year for YouTube, holy crap, false copyright stuff, YouTuber’s revenue getting disabled, and the recent glitch where you upload a video, your subs go down or your vids aren’t getting in your subscriber’s subscriptions and all that nonsense.

Anyways, Happy New Years, can’t wait what’s gonna happen in 2017