Firebird’s Thoughts on Nintendo Switch

Article by Eternal Firebird

So after a few weeks, I’m gonna talk about Nintendo’s new console, The Switch.

The Switch is a very interesting idea, you can literally bring it everywhere, why? The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console. Half console and Half tablet.

In the trailer it shows an adult playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. When his dog tells him to go outside, the dude literally slides off the controllers called Joy-Cons and slide it to the tablet that is on the docking station. In the other scenes you can see him playing the Switch on the go.

There’s also another scene where the Switch has a holder and you can actually play the game with the Joy-Cons separated. If you watched the scene you can see the guy is playing Skyrim. They also revealed a new pro controller which is like a Xbox controller.greeyey.png

There’s a scene where two guys are playing a new Mario Kart game while on the road, where the second Joy-Con can be used as a second player. Then there’s a scene where four guys stop playing basketball and decide to play NBA 2K17. The next scene is a woman playing a new Super Mario game, and then goes to a party and gives her a second Joy-Con. Then there’s a scene where a group of people are discussing stuff with the Switch which reveals a new Splatoon game (though I’m pretty sure its just a port), then there’s an MLG-esc event and that’s it and shows the Nintendo Switch logo.

My Thoughts

Now here are my thoughts, the Switch is a actually great idea, bringing it on the go is a very great idea, even though the Wii U had a tablet, it wasn’t portable. Its gonna be released on March of next year (2017), though not on Day 1. But here’s the questions that are still unanswered, what’s the specs, we know there’s a Tegra but what about the other stuff, what’s the price, and what’s the battery life.

The problem that may lead to the Switch

Of course here is the problem that may lead to the Switch. Even though Skyrim and NBA 2K17 were on the trailer, Bethesda and Take Two (the guys who make the 2K games) revealed they don’t have no plans. So basically Nintendo was misleading us (or false advertising). But here’s my question, is the third party support gonna last? That’s what I want to know, if you know the Wii U, it barely had third party support, as some games like Battlefield 3 and Metro Last Light were gonna be on the Wii U, but were canceled as the Wii U didn’t have the horsepower like the PS4 and Xbox One. The Wii U is the Dreamcast of this video game generation, which even though they had good games, didn’t catch on, and believe it or not, were released early than its competitors. Anyways, is this third party support gonna last? Maybe, hopefully. But if they lose third party support again, Nintendo’s gonna have to follow the road Sega went, becoming a third party developer and making their games on their console.

Those are my thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, its an interesting idea with the hybrid tablet and console, but the questions we are asking remains unanswered.