So… Jacob Sartorius

If you know Jacob Sartorius, either from LeafyisHere or Pyrocynical, you know who he is. Jacob Sartorius is a 13 year old (turning 14 soon) singer who originated from then became a singer, where he made two music videos, which a lot people despise because it’s so cringeworthy. Now for all you people who don’t know what in the hell is, it’s kind a like Instagram and Snapchat, here’s how it works. You use your phone, use any of your music, record yourself lip-syncing and post it in so everyone could see it. That’s how works. Well Jacob Sartorius got famous from, this caught the attention of LeafyisHere, which he literally found cringey. Jacob eventually became a pop singer because of, and of course this caught Leafy’s attention along with another YouTuber named Pyrocynical, who does similar content to Leafy. His first song “Sweatshirt” was Jacob’s rise as a pop singer, this song got the attention of Leafy and Pyrocynical, the song was very cringey to people and of course, it became the most disliked video on YouTube, then a few months later “Hit or Miss” was released, and again many people despise it, more cringe, but kind a better then Sweatshirt.

My Opinion

In my opinion, Jacob Sartorius is, meh. I find Jacob Sartorius “not bad”, not great but not bad. I’ve watched Sweatshirt and Hit or Miss and the compilations. Sweatshirt, was meh, but I think I found it better THEN Justin Bieber’s Baby or Rebecca Black’s Friday. But then again this is a Justin Bieber-esc song. Hit or Miss, while kind off better then Sweatshirt, its still meh. An improvement, yes, but still meh, also I should mention in music video the dance moves are, well, cringey and laughable. As for the compilations, well in all honesty, I didn’t find them cringey. I watch the compilations of his video and I just showed a straight face while watching them, I didn’t find his videos cringey.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I find Jacob Sartorius, not bad but meh. Some people think that Jacob should’ve stayed as a guy then a pop singer who’s the next Justin Bieber. Jacob, still needs improvement, take Justin Bieber, look at the music, he’s improved. Now look at Jacob, who’s not bad in my opinion but still cringey, needs improvement. I’m pretty sure Jacob is gonna improve in the future, but he’s still gonna be cringey to us in our eyes and ears.