My Wattpad

If you don’t know what Wattpad is, it’s basically where people make their stories, I’m telling you this because, I, myself, own a Wattpad, my Wattpad user is Firebird3436, I’m currently making three stories.

Saints Row: The Downfall of Dex, where the Boss finally gets his vengeance on a SR character named Dex.

The CSGO Gamble, I’m currently working on what the story will be, a player who is addicted to gambling on CSGO, or a YouTuber investigating on a CSGO gambling website owned by another YouTuber

BioShock: My Dark Adventure In Rapture, about a man named Owen Smith, a former journalist trying to escape Rapture.

Those stories are obviously based on video games. But I decided to make a non-canonical story on them (although the idea on the CSGO Gamble story was from the CSGO Lotto scandal where two YouTubers TmarTn and ProSyndicate were owners of the website and were faking reactions).

I’m currently working on My Dark Adventure In Rapture and CSGO Gamble, Downfall of Dex is currently on hold, since I lost interest in it, but since Wattpad is back on my brain again, I’ll work on it, but as of now it’s on hold.


CS:GO Gamble has been cancelled, Saints Row: The Downfall of Dex and My Dark Adventure in Rapture is still on Hold.


Author: Vault Hunter X Saint

Just a guy with a regular life

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