Infinite Warfare: Too Futuristic?

We all know what people do to buy Call of Duty, a new Call of Duty gets released every year, people buy it day one and talk shit ’bout it saying its the same game every year, even though every COD game is kind a different. But this time, the recent game Infinite Warfare, is getting a lot of hate. In fact, the trailer has almost about 3,000,000 dislikes. But why the hate?

Why the hate?

Now why is Infinite Warfare is getting hate? Well its pretty obvious, its futuristic again, now in space. People are getting tired with the futuristic turn, but they were kind of excited with the turn two years ago, but I’ll talk about that later. People want a Call of Duty that’s In a modernistic war, like all the past Call of Duty games CoD 4 to Ghost. Another reason why people hate Infinite Warfare is because of Modern Warfare Remastered, but why? It’s because Modern Warfare Remastered is bundled with Infinite Warfare, NOT separated, but you can only get MW Remastered by pre-order.

 What’s with the futuristic stuff?

The futuristic stuff  wouldn’t come until Advanced Warfare in 2014. Sledgehammer Games were the people who developed Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer created something new for the franchise and instead of a modern war story, it takes place in a future. You know what futuristic stuff is, laser guns, robots, flying buildings, stuff that will NEVER happen. That’s what happened with Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer wanted to create something new, so a futuristic setting was chosen. Black Ops III also had a futuristic setting, despite not being fast-paced like Advanced Warfare. But I guess people got tired with the futuristic stuff which may explain why there’s hate.

Is it still gonna sell?

Most certainly yes, Infinite Warfare is still gonna sell like all other COD games, buy the games and complain shit like “It’s the same game every year.” I’m most certainly sure it’s still gonna sell, although I might be wrong. But the pre-orders for IW is the worst for Call of Duty, it has less pre-order numbers then the other COD games.

Comparing to Battlefield

Now let’s compare Infinite Warfare to the newest Battlefield, Battlefield 1. Infinite Warfare, still in the future, but Battlefield 1, it’s in World War I. EA has tried something different with Battlefield with Hardline in 2015, but it was, eh. But I guess EA found out the new stuff backfired so they went back to war stuff, and World War I came in their minds and Battlefield 1 became to be. It looks like Battlefield 1 is getting a lot of love after Infinite Warfare got hate, and its kind a obvious that COD players are switching to Battlefield. Lemme make a theory about this, I think Battlefield 1 is gonna sell better than Infinite Warfare, that’s my theory, yeah Battlefield 1 gets released a few weeks after COD, but I think Battlefield 1 is gonna sell well than Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Would I buy it?

In all honesty, probably, when the price drops. I only buy games when its around $20, and I don’t buy it full price, which is $60. So I would only buy games I’m hyped for when it’s low price. Anyways, I’ll probably gonna buy it, I’m not a COD player but I’ll try it out when I buy it.


Author: Vault Hunter X Saint

Just a guy with a regular life

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