Hyped Games Get Delayed: Loses People’s Interest?

Games have been delayed often twice or more, examples?

Mighty No. 9, a spiritual successor to Mega Man, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter but suffered a few delays because the developers wanted the game to have a stable launch which angered fans who were anticipated for the game. Not only that but the trailer for it was hated because of the graphics for some reason and the narrator was crap.

Dark Souls II, got delayed a few times but was finally released in 2014, the year where the eighth generation already came. But Dark Souls II still sold well.

Duke Nukem Forever, well probably, but was announced a few times but never came and was stuck in development hell for years until 2011, which people weren’t happy with Duke’s return because there were problems. Also to point out it didn’t sell well.

These are games that have been hyped up, but when the delay button hits, some people are disappointed, but when a delay button hits again, more people leave the anticipation, then it hits again and again, and almost everyone who were in the hype train leave and the game is almost forgotten.

Okay, I think I sounded too sinister about it, but what I’m saying is that whenever games get hyped up it gets a delay then people leave the hype train, and once it gets delayed twice or the third time, or more, a lot of people leave, which makes the game almost forgotten.


Author: Vault Hunter X Saint

Just a guy with a regular life

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